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A: Silvia Paoli
Oggetto: ANN: Visual Engagements. Image Practices and Falconry (Abu Dhabi, 4-5 Apr 18)

From: Alexandra Sandu <alexandra.sandu a nyu.edu>
Date: Mar 23, 2018
Subject: ANN: Visual Engagements. Image Practices and Falconry (Abu Dhabi, 4-5 Apr 18)

Humanities Building A6, Room 010, NYUAD, Abu Dhabi, April 4 - 05, 2018
Deadline: Mar 22, 2018

“Visual Engagements. Image Practices and Falconry”
convened by Yannis Hadjinicolaou

The Workshop „Visual Engagements. Image Practices and Falconry“ will mainly address common intersections between culture and nature such as Seeing/Not Seeing, Perspective (for instance Drones), Simulations (Material/Symbol), questions on Political Iconography, materials such as feathers as well as the Migration of Objects and Images. Falconry, is a living heritage, which is a deeply cultural practice at the same time.
Why do treatises in Early modern Period consider seeing as a form of hunting? How is this metaphor as well as flying itself manifested in images? And what is the relation to this since birds and especially falcons have a very sharp vision as well as space orientation? What are the common points between image practices and the iconic power of Falconry?
In addition to these theoretical and present-day considerations, artists working on Falconry will have a dialogue with a professional Arab falconer and a Bedouin poet, adding a further central point to the workshop namely the connection between theory and practice.

4. April, 2018 |DAY 1

Welcoming Remarks
Reindert Falkenburg/Martin Klimke/Yannis Hadjinicolaou (Abu Dhabi)

Chair: Yannis Hadjinicolaou

Andrea Pinotti (Milan): What is it like to be a falcon?
Robert Felfe (Hamburg): What does a falcon see? – Exploring the pictorial space around 1600

15:15-15:30 - Coffee Break

Chair: Reindert Falkenburg

Herman Roodenburg (Amsterdam): “Each believes to be his falcon”: exploring human-animal relations in images of falconry
Monika Wagner (Hamburg): Leather and Feather: material interactions

17:00-17:30 - Coffee Break

Yannis Hadjinicolaou (Abu Dhabi): Visual Engagements. Image Practices and Falconry
Andreas Beyer (Basel): Bilderfahrzeuge and Untranslatables

5. April, 2018 |DAY 2

Chair: Shamoon Zamir (Abu Dhabi)

Frank Zöllner (Leipzig): Aby Warburg and Flying
Peter Geimer (Berlin): Birds and Angels: A Physiologist Meets Mythology

11:00-11:30 - Coffee Break

Reindert Falkenburg (Abu Dhabi): Tracing Traces
Klaus Krüger (Berlin): Art is aimed at the eye. Gazes as arrows in the early modern era

Round Table Discussion with Mohammed Al Hammadi (Abu Dhabi), Ghada Khunji (Manama), Marcel Kurpershoek (Abu Dhabi) moderated by Gregor Stemmrich (Abu Dhabi)

16:00- 16:30 - Coffee Break

Chair: Yannis Hadjinicolaou

Christine Kleiter (Florence) and Gerhard Wolf (Florence): “...armed with shining Falcon eyes”. Raptors, terrain and prey
Tanja Michalsky (Rome): Bird’s-eye view. A topos of perspective in the field of surveying.

Reference / Quellennachweis:
ANN: Visual Engagements. Image Practices and Falconry (Abu Dhabi, 4-5 Apr 18). In: ArtHist.net, Mar 23, 2018. <https://arthist.net/archive/17667>.


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