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Oggetto: TOC: Philosophy of Photography, vol. 7, no. 1-2

From: Bernd Behr <b.behr a camberwell.arts.ac.uk>
Date: Apr 2, 2017
Subject: TOC: Philosophy of Photography, vol. 7, no. 1-2

Philosophy of Photography, vol. 7, no. 1-2, Special Issue: Shadow without Object

This double issue, guest edited by Bernd Behr, emerged from the interdisciplinary symposium Shadow without Object originally held at Chelsea College of Arts, London, on 4 December 2015, co-presented by CCW Graduate School and the Photography Department at Camberwell College of Arts. The issue presents an interdisciplinary selection of papers that consider specific instances across histories and contemporary practices of photography, cinematography, architecture, virtual simulation, archaeology and the physical sciences in which the spectre of photographic indexicality is both raised and reflexively negotiated, addressing a renewed interest in the index not as a universalist paradigm but a discursively and materially constructed process that allows a rethinking of the medium’s technical and conceptual operations beyond narrow dichotomies of past/future, analogue/digital and light/matter.


Bernd Behr
'Photographic indexicality: Once more, with feeling' (3-10)


Duncan Wooldridge
'Visibility and realism: Photography and the problems of transparency' 

Giacomo Raffaelli
'Non-standard uncertainties: Experiments in the visual conditions of 
the kilogram prototype.' (21-41)

Bernd Behr
'Akeley inside the elephant: Trajectory of a taxidermic image' (43-61)

Jananne Al-Ani
'Disappearance of the body: An interview with Cécile Bourne Farrell.' 

Louisa Minkin and Francis Summers
'How to accommodate grief in your life.' (83-113)

Sam Burford
'Searching for traces of the indexical in synthetically rendered 
imagery.' (115-138)

Michael Doser
'The world unseen: Photography as a probe of particulate materiality.' 

Daniel Rubinstein
'What is twenty-first-century photography?' (155-160)


Oliver Sutherland
'Arabidopsis Thaliana Flammeus (ATF14), 2014' (161-170)


'And–Phenomenology of the End, Franco 'Bifo' Beradi' (2015) (171-175)
'Photography and Its Violations, John Roberts' (2014) (175-179)
'On Photography, Walter Benjamin and Esther Leslie (ed. and trans.)' 
(2015) (179-183)


Philosophy of Photography is an international peer-reviewed journal 
published twice yearly and edited by Andy Fisher and Daniel Rubinstein. 
The journal provides a forum for theoretical and critical debate of 
issues arising from the historical, political, cultural, scientific and 
critical matrix of ideas, practices and techniques that constitute 
photography as a multifaceted and changing form.


ISSN 2040-3682 (Print), ISSN 2040-3690 (Online)

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TOC: Philosophy of Photography, vol. 7, no. 1-2. In: H-ArtHist, Apr 2, 
2017. <https://arthist.net/archive/15117>.


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