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Per il premio e per altre interessanti attivitŕ si veda il sito della Deutsche 
Gesellschaft für Photographie, http://www.dgph.de/

  2012 DGPh Research Award for the History of Photography

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Since 1978 the History and Archives department of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für 
Photographie (DGPh) has given an award that recognises scientific research into 
the history and theory of photography. A call for the 2012 award has been made.

The Erich Stenger Award was initially aimed exclusively at published books, it 
was transformed into an advancement award in 1981.

  Its present reorientation as the DGPh Research Award for the History 
of Photography emphasizes the award’s international, broadly-based orientation 
to all elements of the photographic. Besides traditional history and theory of 
photography, topical areas are thereby also addressed that deal with 
photography’s societal significance and the traces that it has left behind, 
beyond its own object, in societal life.

The award is aimed at researchers from all fields of the humanities, 
cultural studies, and social sciences whose scientific work represents an 
autonomous, innovative, and original contribution to these areas.

Applications and manuscripts for the DGPh Research Award for the History 
of Photography may be submitted in either English or German. It is possible 
to divide the award into two halves. Allocation will be the decision of an 
expert jury, whose decision will be published. The jury may hand the award to 
one applicant or to two applicants in equal parts. The jury’s decision will be 
final and binding.

The award is worth a total of 3,000 Euro and will be handed over at a 
public ceremony.

Required submissions:

  * a completed manuscript in paper form () and in electronic file form (pdf).
  * The final date for submissions is 1 December 2012 (date of postmark).
    Recipient’s address is: Geschäftsstelle der DGPh
    (Overstolzenhaus, Rheingasse 8-12, D-50676 Cologne, dgph a dgph.de).

To be enclosed with the application:

  * An abstract of the submitted work (approx. 3,500 keystrokes), including
    information regarding the status of the manuscript (dissertation, research
    project – funded or not funded), essay (accepted in specialist magazine or
    not accepted); is there already a publisher for this manuscript (target
    publication date); has publication of the manuscript already been funded by
    another body?
  * A Curriculum Vitae (résumé)
  * A list of publications

More information about the German Photographic Society: www.dgph.de 


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