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                  Art and the bombs
                  The destiny of works of art in times of war is often hectic, sometimes fatal. The disappearance of famous wonders such as the amber cabinet from Saint-Petersburg, or Matisse's Odalisque in red pants and other master pieces taken from France by Goering and his associates are of public knowledge. We also know the treasures from the Louvre experienced a series of adventures, while they took refuge in castles like that of Chambord to survive. Such was the case of Mona Lisa. Other countries went through similar misfortunes. Spain has systematically put order in its past (whether it is for the identification of the dead without burial or the granting of Spanish nationality to the descendants of exiled Spaniards). Just rec ently it solemnly thanked a few foreign institutions (the National Gallery, the Louvre, the Rijksmuseum, etc) for their help during the Spanish civil war, giving protection to its patrimony. The Velasquez and Goyas from the Prado rode the country's bumpy roads under the bombs of the Condor legion, in trucks towards Valencia, Barcelona and then Geneva (by train at this point). The saga is presented in an exhibition of archive photos, in front of the Prado itself. This is a way of reminding one and all that, while human beings should be the priority during conflicts, masterpieces too are mortal. 

                  .Arte salvado: public exhibition on the Paseo del Prado, from 25 January to 21 March 2010. 
                  .The documentary Las cajas espaņolas, by Alberto Porlan (2004) is dedicated to the subject.
                  Article and diaporama on El Pais

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