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Call For Paper
First International Meeting of the European Architectural History Network,
Guimarăes, Portugal, 17-20 June 2010

Architecture in Nineteenth-century Photographs
Heavily represented in collections of nineteenth century photographs, architectural
photography provides inroads into major themes of the period:  industry and
technology, exploration and exoticism, documentation and preservation, history and
nationalism, etc.  However, most histories of photography use the progressive
development of the medium as the organizing structure for the presentation of the
material.  Architecture lent itself to the long exposure times required by the early
photographic processes and was used extensively as subject by the first generation
of photographers.
            Architectural photography was the focus of three major exhibitions
organized between 1982 and 1994 which gave pride of place to
photographic technique. Since then, despite the musings of Susan Sontag, the
theorizing of Roland Barthes, and three decades of post-colonial, post-structuralist
and gender-conscious criticism, the study of
architectural photography continues to privilege technical virtuosity.  Because the
history of architectural photography parallels both the development of photographic
techniques and the expressive modalities assumed by the medium, a thematic
exploration of the subject is overdue. This session invites papers that consider
thematic questions related to the photography of architecture in the nineteenth
century. For instance: the significance of the structures scrutinized by
photography, the role of the photographs as commodities on the intellectual and
cultural market as it relates to architecture, the impact of the medium on the
practice and study of architecture, the fascination for and consumption of
photographs of exotic architecture by the “armchair tourist”, the institutional and
cultural reasons for the absence of women from
nineteenth century architectural photography, vernacular architecture  in
photographs, commodification of architecture for the Baedeker- or Cook-guided middle
and even lower-class tourist, photography and
historic preservation or urban renewal.  Exploration of these questions is intended
to focus on how nineteenth century architecture photography eschews the tropes of
functionality to reflect the aesthetic and
intellectual concerns of the time. A genuine understanding of the first decades of
architectural photography needs to account for the relevant technical parameters of
production but also demands that each
photographic image of architecture be studied as a primary visual
document and an aesthetic object.  It is this multi-faceted enquiry, which is
invited in this session on nineteenth-century architectural photography.
Please send paper proposals to Dr. Micheline Nilsen, Indiana University South Bend,
AA107, 1700 Mishawaka Avenue, South Bend, IN 46634-7111 USA, 001-574-520-4277, Fax:
001-574-520-4317, e-mail: mnilsen a iusb.edu<mailto:mnilsen a iusb.edu>. Submission
deadline: October 30, 2009.

The full call for papers can be viewed on the conference website
www.eahn2010.org<http://www.eahn2010.org>  or downloaded at the following URL: 
<http://www.eahn2010.org/EAHN2010_CPF.pdf> http://www.eahn2010.org/EAHN2010_CPF.pdf
Micheline Nilsen, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Art History, AA107
Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts
Indiana University South Bend
1700 Mishawaka Avenue
South Bend, IN 46634-7111
mnilsen a iusb.edu<mailto:mnilsen a iusb.edu>

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