[S-fotografie] CONF: Humanising Photography (Durham, 25-27 Sep 09)

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Third International DCAPS Conference

University of Durham, 25-27 September 2009,

in collaboration with ABP-Autograph (London)

The conference explores the relationship between photography, humanism, human rights
and humanitarianism. It features papers from a range of international scholars,
including Thomas Keenan and Sharon Sliwinski, as well as contributions from
photographers Marcelo Brodsky, Bruno Boudjelal and Luis Sinco (TBC).

To download a copy of the programme and conference registration form, visit the
DCAPS website:



Friday 25 September 2009

3.00-5.00 Arrival and Registration, St. John's College, Durham

5.30-7.30 Practitioner Dialogue Panel 1

Luis Sinco (Photographer, Los Angeles Times) in dialogue with Thomas Keenan (Bard
College, USA)

7.30 Welcome address

Prof. Tom McLeish (Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research, University of Durham)

Buffet Reception

Saturday 26 September 2009


Benjamin Chesterton (Photographer, Creative Director, duckrabbit)

Tiffany Fairey (PhD candidate Goldsmiths' College, UK/Founder of charity
PhotoVoice), 'Is it Possible to Empower through Photography?'


11.45 - 1.15

Sharon Sliwinski (University of Western Ontario, Canada), 'Rolleiflex Witness:
Picturing the Nazi Camps'

Mark Reinhardt (Williams College, Mass., USA), 'Sensational Images, Or: The
Aesthetics-Politics Relation'



Darren Newbury (Birmingham City University, UK), 'That Was Apartheid, Thank God It's
All Over': researching the history of photography in South Africa'

Patricia Hayes (University of the Western Cape, South Africa), 'John Liebenberg's
"bush of ghosts": photography and the Namibian-South African War, 1984-1990'



Douglas Smith (University College, Dublin), 'Gridlocked: Robert Frank's Critique of

Michelle L. Woodward (Photo Editor, Middle East Report Magazine, USA),
'Historicizing Humanitarian Photography: the case of Magnum Photos' visual style'

7.30 Dinner, followed by film screening and roundtable with Bruno Boudjelal (Agence VU)

Sunday 27 September 2007


Zachary R. Hagins (PhD candidate, The Pennsylvania State University, USA), 'Criminal
Photography and the Police Municipale in Fin-de-Siècle France, Or: Dehumanising
Alphonse Bertillon's Humanist Photography'

Christopher Morton (Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, UK), 'Humanism and the Comparative
Method: the construction of an anthropological archive'



Eugenie Shinkle (University of Westminster, UK), 'Landscapes of Suffering'

Ruthie Ginsberg (PhD candidate, Bar-Ilan University, Israel), 'Taking Pictures over
Soldiers' Shoulders: reporting on human rights abuse from the Palestinian Occupied



Dr Paul Lowe (University of the Arts, London), 'Bearing Witness'

Marta Zarzycka (Utrecht University, Netherlands), 'Truths and Travels of
Photographs, Or: Do Galleries Permit Humanitarian Interventions?'


4.00-6.00 Practitioner Dialogue Panel 2

Marcelo Brodsky (Photographer, Argentina) in dialogue with DCAPS

Close and conference dinner

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