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From:    Martin Uhrmacher <martin.uhrmacher a uni.lu>
Date:    22 Mar 07
Subject: CFP: Amateur images (Luxembourg Jan 08)

Call for Papers

"Amateur images: valorisation and manipulation" (21-23 January 2008, Luxembourg)

International conference on the use of amateur films and photographs, organized by the Centre national de l'audiovisuel du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg in collaboration with the University of Luxembourg.

For a long time, amateur images have been considered with suspicion and a hint of contempt by the professional milieu. Film enthusiasts, filmmakers, photographers, archivists and academics have denied any aesthetical or documentary value whatsoever to amateur films and photographs. But more and more these images, which had not been made with the intention to be shown in the commercial circuit, catch the attention of professionals. They are integrated into fiction films, documentaries, books and exhibitions, shown on television and dissected by researchers. The use of these images, often of unknown origin, raises a number of questions.

The Centre national de l?audiovisuel (CNA) ? member of the FIAF and the AEI (Association européenne Inédits) ? archives and valorises the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg?s audiovisual heritage. Among others, it keeps over 5.600 amateur films that have either been or are about to be digitized.

 From the 21 September 2007 to the 15 February 2008, the CNA presents the exhibition "Hidden Images/ Images cachées", based on photogrammes taken from amateur films. This exhibition focuses on a number of questions as to the nature and the value (personal, documentary and aesthetical) of amateur films and photographs. It also questions the use of these documents and the degree to which they are ? knowingly or unknowingly ? manipulated when they are (re)used in a context to which they were not originally destined.

In the context of this exhibition, the CNA organises an international conference in January 2008, which will focus on these questions.

The following topics will be particularly highlighted:

-	juridical and ethical problems on the use of amateur images
-	historical aspects of the valorisation of amateur images
-	sociological aspects of the valorisation of amateur images
-	aesthetical aspects of the valorisation of amateur images
-	the use of amateur images in the professional media
-	when does valorisation become manipulation?

The call for contributions is aimed at academics, archivists, photographers, and filmmakers. Every participant will be attributed half an hour for his presentation.

The proposed papers, with title, summary (250-500 words) and a C.V. of the author, should be sent to the CNA in French or English language. They can be sent either by e-mail (viviane.thill a cna.etat.lu) or by post (Centre national de l'audiovisuel, BP 105, L-3402 Dudelange) before April 15th, 2007.

A selection committee formed by the Centre national de l?audiovisuel and the University of Luxembourg will choose the papers presented at the conference and inform the candidates by May 15th, 2007.

As from the end of March, the photos of the "Hidden Images/Images cachées" exhibition, as well as additional information can be viewed on a website entirely dedicated to amateur images (see under http://www.cna.lu).

The transcripts of the lectures will be published after the symposium on the same website.

Furthermore, we are looking for films based upon amateur images. Such films (short or long) should be sent by post, on dvd, Beta SP or digibeta with French, English or German subtitles to the Centre national de l'audiovisuel, BP 105, L-3402 Dudelange. Deadline: 15th May 2007. Public screenings followed by discussions with the audience will be organized during the symposium with a selection of these films.

More information on the conference and on the exhibition "Hidden images/ Images cacheés": Viviane Thill (e-mail: viviane.thill a cna.etat.lu, tel:
+352 52 24 24 1, website: www.cna.lu)

Organized by:
Centre national de l?audiovisuel, with the collaboration of the University of Luxembourg

Viviane Thill
Centre national de l'audiovisuel
BP 105
L-3402 Dudelange
viviane.thill a cna.etat.lu

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