[s-fotografie] Mounting on passe.

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La Fotografia a Torino 1980-2000 “   (july 2001)
Technical manager  Mrs. Marina Miraglia
Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo e la Documentazione
Conservation, restoration and mounting of albumen prints, gelatine printing-out papers, gelatine developing-out papers and gelatine on glass plates negative of Photographic Collection (Morpurgo Fund, Gioja Fund, Cisterna Fund). The gelatine developing-out papers of Luciano Morpurgo have been exposed in Gerusalemme 
Conservation, restoration and mounting of albumen prints in large format of Piero Becchetti Fund
Technical manager  Mr. Gabriele Borghini
Museo del Risorgimento di Torino
Conservation, restoration and mounting of gelatine on glass plates in medium diapositive and large format about Prima Guerra mondiale
Technical Manager  Mrs. Rosanna Maggio Serra
Private collection
- Restoration of family album 1920/1930
- Restoration of XIX century books
Private collection 
Bookbindery of album ex-novo of the recipe and menu of Confiserie Latour for the Queen’s lunch (1905-1907) 
Private collection
- Restoration of Emilio Greco’s lithography
	- Restoration and mounting of Alberto Salietti’s drawings
Galleria Carlo Virgilio 
Conservation, restoration and mounting of 1934’s gelatine developing-out papers large format
Galleria Comunale d’arte moderna e contemporanea di Roma
Mounting on passe par tout of graphic work for the exhibition ‘America Illustrata’ 

Professional services
On every photo type, positive and negative, with suitable conservation materials  

Restoration card 
Photographic reproduction, before, during and after restoration with diapositive film
Dry and wet cleaning
Dry and wet detaching from second support 
Strengthening of first support on fold and abrasion
Strengthening of raising emulsion 
Suture of tears 
Lining and sail 
Emulsion and first support integration
Wetting and smoothing
Mounting : passe par tout, montage evideé,  pHidoc, folder, polyester  
Restoration of case in leather, in paper, album’s cover
Working report 

Identification of old photographic techniques
Revision photographic funds
Photographic and graphic exhibition
Photographic reproduction in b/w, diapositive and colour
Photographic album hand-made
Box and folder hand-made
Cristina Anichini                                    Via Difilo 41 – 00124 Roma                             .

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